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Understanding BIM: Building Information Modeling

Understanding BIM: Building Information Modeling When it comes to the construction industry's digital transformation, the term "BIM" frequently takes the center stage. But what exactly does BIM stand for, and why is it so crucial in the world of construction and infrastructure development? In this blog post, we will explore

BuildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD)

BuildingSMART Data Dictionary (bSDD) The BuildingSMART Data Dictionary, known as bSDD, is a web-based service designed to create and consolidate individual data structure enhancements (ontologies) based on ISO 12006-3. bSDD offers a unique advantage in managing multilingual data structures, making it a valuable asset for the construction and BIM industry.

What is IFC?

What is IFC? Throughout the lifecycle of a plant, information is continuously obtained and exchanged between a variety of people using different technologies. The layers of information can become quite complex, so the only way to create interconnected data that can be interpreted by machines is to use data models