Sven Gilic

Bridging the Gap between Civil Engineering, Environmental Innovation, and Digital Transformation

Sven Gilic

Civil Engineer

Originally based in Vienna, I pursued my studies in Civil Engineering, giving special attention to environmental impact assessment. I've always had a deep appreciation for sustainable practices, and through my education, I aimed to apply these principles to the field of construction and design.

Identifying the significant role that digital skills play in today's world, I decided to broaden my capabilities by learning to code. This provided me with a deeper understanding of digital technologies and how they could be effectively utilized in various applications.

With these newly acquired coding skills, I found a practical outlet in website development. Building websites for a range of clients not only allowed me to use my skills in a real-world context but also opened up a new intersection of engineering and digital design. Today, I continue to leverage these combined skills to bring a unique perspective to my work in civil engineering.

My Timeline

2011 & 2012 - Porr AG

During my internship at Porr Company, I gained valuable on-site construction experience. 

2011-2015 - Camillo Sitte Bautechnikum

High School Graduation with a technical focus on Structural engineering

2016 & 2017 - IKK GmbH

During my summer employment at IKK, I supported a team of Site Supervisors and Project Managers, contributing to the efficient execution of a construction project.

2019 - Brand ZT

During my internship at Brand ZT, I assisted a team of construction engineers in designing and evaluating structures across various projects.

2016-2021 - Technical University Vienna

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering - Bachelorthesis: "Inventory of Pedestrian Mixed Zones in Vienna and Potential Assessment"

Since 2020 - Reisinger & Partner ZT

Since 2020, I have been employed at Reisinger und Partner, where I serve as a Site Supervisor and contribute to the design of buildings and structures in both building and railway projects.

2021 - Porr AG

In a subsequent internship at Porr Company, I deepened my understanding of the comprehensive processes involved in building construction.

2022 - Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG

At my internship, I provided assistance to the supervisor team responsible for the new U5 Metro Line project.

Since 2022 -  Web Developer

Beginning in 2022, I started developing and coding websites for clients, expanding my skill set beyond the construction industry.

2021-2023 -Technical University Vienna

Master of Science in Civil Engineering - Masterthesis: "Potentials of End-of-Life Phase Evaluation Methods to Strengthen the Circular Construction"

Selected Projects

LCA calculation

Assessment of the environmental impact of a product or system throughout its life cycle.

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Web Development

Designing, coding, and modifying websites or web applications to create a user-friendly and visually appealing online presence.

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